Alerts & Notes

First of all, welcome to our website “”

This page is notes and alerts, the following will be published:

29-9-2020 Note: This page has been created to include all alerts and notes, as it is the best solution to improve the look of our website without interruption. Also, we are very close to our new orientation.

Alert: as we always mentioned our website is only a blog that contains information only, and we are now moving toward articles and blog posts about open-source software including a free alternative for paid software. All unofficial source links will not be updated and will be removed and replaced with only official sources as soon as possible.

Note: be aware that our website is only a software blog that is based on extensive research and practical testing if possible. Therefore, all external links and sources alongside information contained in posts are only for research, testing, and personal scientific purposes.

Alert: Make sure that you have a good Anti-virus before going to external links & sources, we are not responsible for anything outside

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