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Advanced SystemCare PRO/Ultimate

Advanced SystemCare PRO With this tool can track issues and fix them in an easy way. Also, can optimize the device to have better performance and speed automatically. as can Clean & Optimize PC Performance, Boost PC Speed and Internet speedup with Internet Booster, Ensure PC Security.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate can protect your PC from malware, viruses and similar threats, With the advantage of Activated Advanced SystemCare PRO can boost your PC performance by optimize registry and shortcut fix, remove junk files, scan the local disk for a system vulnerability, its the utility tool suite for your PC protection and optimization, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate not only PC protection from malicious infection but also PC optimization tools for faster and cleaner system and windows

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Activated Advanced SystemCare includes a powerful system of adaptation, and Antivirus now offers protection against ransom:
150% The largest virus database allows Advanced SystemCare Ultimate to detect and remove more security threats for better protection.

Anti-ransomware Engine proactively blocks potential ransomware attacks and saves files and money at all times. Improved real-time protection Protects your system, fixes gaps, and prevents attacks on a wider scale. Removing ads Malicious ads will be blocked for safer and more secure Internet browsing.

Advanced SystemCare PRO / Ultimate Features

No malware attacks and Ransomware
Without proper protection, your computer may easily become infected without prior notice. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is always a good tool you can turn to, helps you detect and prevent malware infection, remove existing malicious files and capture intruder.

With behavior-based detection, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 11 informs you of unauthorized access to your system in real-time to prevent potential threats of ransom.

Full protection for browsing
As a protection suite, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate ensures comprehensive Internet browsing.

Your computer will be completely protected from modifying your secret home page, modifying DNS settings, non-stop pop-up ads, malicious tracking, and so on.

Monitor and protect in real time
Threats may be compromised at any time, such as stealing your personal information and hurting your computer, so it is necessary to enable real-time protection to get your computer protected.

With this, you use your computer without worrying about threats. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate monitors RAM, Disk, and CPU conditions in real-time as well, and you can easily improve performance in an easy way.

A cleaner and faster PC
Unwanted programs, invalid registry files, and invalid shortcuts all slow down your computer. Advanced SystemCare, with basic PC cleaning technology, will clean all useless files to give a clean and fast computer as a new device.

Faster start and browse faster
Wait for a long time to load the system in front of your computer every morning? Then annoyed by poor network connection when you are working? Advanced SystemCare helps boost startup speed and ensure network smoothness by optimization the network and browser configuration.

Less crash and stable system
System crashes and registry clones often occur on the old computer. Advanced SystemCare will clean up malware and install system vulnerabilities to improve system stability and security.

The clean recording technology and its powerful repair ensure stable record performance.

A safer computer and important data
Facebook privacy scandal strikes millions of users around the world. To keep you a victim of this crisis, Advanced SystemCare supports the clearing of cookies and browsing data related to Facebook.

Without bothering you, Real-time Protector automatically runs in the background to proactively monitor and prevent malicious infections such as malware and spyware.

The anti-tracking tracking system, homepage blocking, DNS modification, etc. will also maintain your privacy from malicious leakage. What’s more, FaceID captures a spam image that cuts through your computer.


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