Shortcut To Size V1.4 APK App Download: Get Free Access Gym Bodybuilding Workout On Android

Shortcut To Size V1.4 APK App Download: Get Free Access Gym Bodybuilding Workout On Android

Jim Stoppani Shortcut to Size download: the gym workout routines with Free access version on APK Android.

This gym app has a 12-week bodybuilding program from Jim Stoppani’s workouts listed in the Health & Fitness category of the app store (12-week bodybuilding program APK).

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What Is Shortcut to Size App?

It’s a 12 Weeks of hardcore Workouts App, which Dr. Jim Stoppani has devoted his entire career to experimentation on the science of muscle building. As he the knowledge of what works, and what doesn’t.

This 12 Weeks of Workouts will give all necessary information on training, nutrition, and supplementation, and get ready to hit the weights and build your best self!

Jim Stoppani’s 12 Weeks of Workouts:


Workout Details:

Duration:12 weeks
Workouts per week:4
Fitness level:Beginner
Equipment needed:Full Gym

Plan Details:

Category:Build muscle
Nutrition plan:Yes
Supplement plan:Yes
Mobile app:Yes

Jim Stoppani Shortcut To Size App Features:

  • Introductory overviews with videos and content.
  • Section the 12-week exercise program, where you can see the exercises complete, missing or coming.
  • Click Exercise to watch a video about how to perform it correctly.
  • Nutrition section with an overview, sample meals, menus, micros display, calorie counter, and more.
  • Page overview supplements, recommended supplements, and when to take them.
  • A profile that provides current statistics, progress, and settings.
  • Track body weight/fat
  • Workout with reminder notifications.

How To Activate Jim Stoppani Shortcut To Size?

Shortcut To Size V1.4 APK is free activated (free Access old Version). It should be noted that this application is only an old version. To clarify, it’s not a cracked or activated version. It’s original but not updated after V1.4. So if it receives an update, you will lose the free access.

Finally, You Can Download & Use Shortcut to Size Android For Free:

Based on our research, we found that Shortcut To Size V1.4 APK version is the only one that does not need a monthly subscription to or free 7-day trial.

You should know that the last update of the Shortcut To Size V1.4 edition was in 2017. Still, it includes all weekly workouts, exercise videos, diet guidance, and tracking tools. Plus, you need to use very good antivirus protection software for your android device because this app is outdated.

However, if you want everything to be updated including plans workouts ..etc. Unfortunately, you must purchase a subscription from to get updates including full access and Jim Stoppani’s other plans. Furthermore, Check the link below to download your safely.

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