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Pop OS Distro Download: Is It Best Linux Gaming OS?

Pop OS

Pop OS by System76 one of the best Linux OS in 2020. Not only, but also a free operating system that surpasses Windows in many ways. In this article, we review Pop!_OS Linux Distro, answer questions, and share download links.

In short, Pop OS the fantastic Linux open-source operating system by System76 that users can download and install Pop OS for free. Thay takes privacy and security seriously by not collect or store data and support pre-installed full disk encryption. Pop OS for gaming, provides full support for both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. Moreover, works fine on the old and new computer and its stable OS. However, it might be difficult at first for users who have used Windows 10 for a very long time, but after a while, users will find it better, easier, and much faster than Windows 10. In fact, users can customize Pop!_OS to look more like Windows 10, or anything they desire.

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What is Pop OS?

Pop OS is a free operating system and open-source Linux distribution based on Ubuntu OS and developed by the American Linux computer manufacturer System76.

Pop OS Linux Distro featured with a custom GNOME desktop, which is a desktop environment that can be customized in any way that users like. Moreover, it can be replaced with any other desktop environment, as some users may prefer a desktop that looks like a windows OS.

Pop!_OS is primarily developed to an operating system for computers and machines that built it by System76. They have made it available to anyone, so it can be downloaded and installed on any computer.

Free Open-Source Operating System:

Users can download and install Pop OS for free. it’s a free open-source that does not cost anything. Correspondingly, if you look at Microsoft Windows 10 price it usually costs between $139.00 USD for Home edition to $199.00 USD for Pro edition and for each licensed copy.

Privacy And Security:

Pop OS encrypts the installation by default that improves security and privacy. As not only encrypts the partition but also has a unique ability of pre-installed full disk encryption by generating a unique private encryption key during setup the OS.

Users can always choose to avoid encryption as it may reduce hard drive speeds by a small amount, which is a small price for a high level of security.

The latest features and security patches for the Pop OS version are provided through periodic continuous updates and upgrades.

It also has a feature that allows users to perform a clean refresh install to resets the operating system without losing files in the Home folder.

Pop!_OS takes privacy seriously as it does not collect or store any info from user installations. Only use a few operating system data and hardware data, which not stored to provide updates and connection verification. However, some application package may require permission to access data to function properly, in which the user has full control to allow or denied it.

Gaming Performance:

In 2020, nearly all Linux distributions significantly improved when it comes of make a proper graphic driver. Specifically, Pop OS performs amazingly in gaming compared to other Linux description and windows 10. As the difference can clearly be notably in games, also when using and switching between applications.

Why Pop OS Is Best Gaming Operating System?

Let’s be honest here, why do we compare Pop OS with games? Because the only major problem in previous years for the Linux Distro operating system is that they lakes behind Windows in gaming performance.

So when we chose Pop OS for gaming, we chose it because it was able to solve this problem better than the rest of the Linux Distro operating systems. We’re not saying Pop!_OS the only Linux Distro who was able to solve the gaming problem, but it’s just better.

Pop!_OS System76 considers as an easy Linux distribution to set-up for gaming. In fact, This OS provides full support for both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. To illustrate, GPU support of both AMD Radeon and Nvidia graphics drivers are integrated into the Pop!_OS operating system, which users may benefit from not having to install graphics drivers.

Pop OS in 2020 has created an incredible gaming experience in selection and performance and became better comper to previous years, also by supporting gaming libraries such as Steam, Lutris, and GameHub.

Pop OS User Experience:

Since Pop OS is based on Ubuntu Linux distribution. Accordingly, It also has a GNOME desktop environment, which has a very different user interface than windows. However, The GNOME desktop environment has been custom by System76 to be so intuitive for new users since it designed with minimal desktop clutter to eliminate distractions, the layout also designed to allows users to focus fully on enhancing user experience.

Not only, but they made Pop OS a very friendly user interface and also an extremely stable operating system. It fit well with the look and feel of many modern distros. Even better, as it can be completely changed and customized according to the user’s desire. It’s also possible to raise its performance. Pop!_OS like any other Linux Distributions as they are all open-source operating systems and free of charge that anyone can develop and build on according to what he wants to satisfy.

What gives confidence in this operating system that is developed and monitored by System76, which eliminates doubts about features and performance. Because these developers do a real-time test, change, and update to the operating system on their own built machines.

Pop OS Supported Applications:

Pop OS offers access to large software libraries that is available from the Ubuntu family distro. In addition, Pop!_OS provides his own version of large software libraries called the Pop!_Shop, which combine Ubuntu and Flatpak application in one single location.

The Pop!_Shop consider the same as other app stores like the Android Play Store or Apple App Store on iOS. Moreover, System76 constantly adding new applications to their own Pop!_Shop.

Be aware, Pop OS like any Linux distribution which means that currently there are some popular applications that do not support Pop!_OS Linux Distro, such as Adobe and Microsoft office.

Even so, there is a lot of alternative open-source software that can do as same as adobe and Microsoft. Furthermore, users can replace desktop-based applications with a web-based application like Microsoft online.

Pop OS Hardware Compatibility:

Pop os works fine on old and new computers, so you don’t have to worry. In addition, we tried Pop!_OS at first on 10 years old laptop that had an i5 2nd generation CPU.

Surprisingly, its function and boot time was so fast. it came very close in functioning and boot to a brand new laptop that has I7 CPU 9th generation running Windows 10 Pro.

Pop OS Linux Distro Download Links:

Pop!_OS Linux Distro Review: Is It Good operating System to Download in 2020?
Pop!_OS is a free open-source operating system - 10
Pop!_OS privacy and security are high - 10
Pop!_OS gaming performance significantly improved - 8.5
Pop!_OS user experience is a friendly and stable operating system, but it's complicated at first - 7
Pop!_OS supported applications is OK - 6.5
Pop!_OS hardware compatibility is fine for old and new computers - 8
Overall, it is an excellent free operating system for anyone to use for gaming, working, or anything else.
User Rating: 4.8 ( 2 votes)
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