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All In One Microsoft Activation Scripts 1.1 the last full version activator cmd for PC Windows 10 and Office 2019, download for free from the resources link we share below the AIO Windows and Office Activator scripts cmd collection in one activator, we share the article resources and free direct download links of the Microsoft Activation Scripts 1.1 (Windows and Office Activator) for personal research and testing purposes before buying.

Note: articles are based on extensive research and practical testing if possible. For more information, see here: Alerts & Notes.

What is Microsoft Activation Scripts?

Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS) is a small open-source KMS Cmd scripts collection that includes all online and offline script Activators Solutions for Windows and Office (All-In-One) like W10 Digital License, KMS38, and Online KMS Tool.

All In One Microsoft Activation Scripts Cmd can activate last Windows 10 edition and Office 2019, and its includes; W10 Digital License (permanent Activation of Windows 10), KMS38 (Activate Windows 10, Server until the year 2038) and Online KMS (Activate All Windows, Server, Office activate period Maximum 180 Days), which means that you should try this small application that enables you to experience and test all Windows editions and Office versions before buying any of them to be 100% sure if that product is for you or not.

This Microsoft Activation Script is a very compact, efficient, easy to use, safe and effective in activating Windows & Office, its a merger of the popular cmd activation scripts, like W10 Digital License, Online KMS, Digital KMS Pre-activation Script, as well as the newly added KMS38 Activator, and doesn’t install files in your system.

The AIO Windows 10 and Office 2019 Activator Cmd Scripts have been made with the utmost cleanliness so it’s clean from any antivirus detection, and the interface is intentionally made in a simple way so that it is easy to use even by beginners though.

AIO KMS scripts collection is a cmd Activator KMS Script tool and clean from any anti-virus detection because it’s just an open-source script, so if the Activated Version of Windows or Office using All In One Microsoft Activation Scripts cmd satisfies you, we recommend that you purchase them from the original developer.

Microsoft Activation Scripts AIO IS A Full Portable Version:

As a portable application (Microsoft Activation Scripts Portable Cmd) This makes it easy to transfer it anywhere and does not require any installation, this is a Portable Activator Script cmd tools that can be stored on a USB device or any other data storage devices, and when downloading this Microsoft Activation Scripts tool as a RAR or ZIP file, the extracted ZIP application ( Activator Scripts portable folder) save configuration settings and usually stored in the same extracted folder.

We share the free direct download link of All In One Microsoft Activation Scripts Cmd that includes all cmd in one file to run perfectly on your PC OS Windows 10 or any Win operation system and activate Windows and Office products you desire to test in the full version before buying any of them from the original developer.

This freeware open-source all in one cmd KMS scripts collection contains all the files of the latest version of Microsoft Activation Scripts according to the sources that were available at the moment or updating of publication of this article, it’s a fully online and offline Activator of Windows and Office Activation Scripts, Download this AIO Cmd KMS scripts collection for free from the link we share below at the end of this post.

Microsoft Activation Scripts AIO; Type, Support and Period:

  • Digital License: For Permanent Windows 10 Activation.
  • KMS38: For Windows 10, Server, Until the year 2038.
  • Online KMS: For Windows, Server, Office, Maximum for 180 Days and lifetime Activation.

How to use All In One Microsoft Activation Scripts?

  • Run the program.
  • Select the activator scripts Type.
  • Activate Windows or Office.
  • Done.

Supports and can use ON:

  • Windows 10 Core (N), Core Country Specific, Core Single Language.
  • Windows 10 Education (N), Enterprise (N).
  • Windows 10 Enterprise S (N) (LTSB 2015-2016).
  • Windows 10 Enterprise S (N) (LTSC 2019).
  • Windows 10 Professional (N), Education (N), Workstation (N).
  • Server Standard (Core).
  • Server Datacenter (Core).
  • Server Solution (Core).
  • Windows 7 (Pro, Enterprise).
  • Windows 8, 8.1, 10 (Pro, Enterprise).
  • Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019.
  • Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 (VL).


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