KMPlayer Download: Free Multimedia Video Player On Windows, Mac IOS & Android APK

KMPlayer Multimedia Player

KMPlayer Download: a Multimedia video player that supports all video and audio formats. Also android APK player included for free download. 

KMPlayer sits at the top, shares its rank with other notorious applications such as Windows Media Player, VLC media player, BS. A player or Gum Player.

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What Is KMPlayer?

KMPlayer is a free video multimedia player to download, which an alternative to Windows Media Player, it is also available for Windows, Mac IOS, and Android APK.

KMPlayer is the same as Daum PotPlayer. The creator of these two multimedia applications KMPlayer and PotPlayer is also the same.

Enhanced multimedia playback can be run without any setup using the integrated codec, and advanced users can use the additional external codec.

KMPlayer download supports more types of multimedia files reliably than any other player. The new Windows installation typically requires that you install third-party software to meet everyday requests.

Whether you’re considering an antivirus program, a CD / DVD, a compression tool, a file manager, an Internet browser, an office suite, or multimedia players, you usually go with a particular group. When it comes to video players, there are a few that do their job correctly.

KMPlayer Multimedia Player allows users to view high-quality content on any computers without disturbance. KMPlayer is optimized for high-performance computers such as 8K and 60 FPS. It also increases the speed of playback of high-quality content on a high-performance PC.

In addition, KMPlayer has replaced the viewer (EVR). It has been rebuilt as a more intuitive and convenient player by removing ads and streamlining lists. Also can provide users with a better video viewing experience.

KMPlayer Features:

  • Already equipped with integrated environment + coding re.
  • Supports playback back to AVI (AVI).
  • It supports a variety of different types of media equipment.
  • Supports Winamp, RealMedia as well as QuickTime.
  • Supports multiple audio streams.
  • It also supports many different types of output devices.
  • A variety of subtitle functions and image processing functions.
  • Supports low as well as a high spec.
  • Supports skin function.
  • ASF / ASX, RTSP ECT. Real-time radio viewing function (E-Sky Broadcasting)
  • Supports Winamp (Visualization) plug-in.
  • Frequency analysis and output waveform output when playing music
  • Supports live equipment such as TV / Camera as well as DVD.
  • Powerful, stop image capture function.
  • Video capture function.
  • Background view function.
  • Easy to use OSC (on-screen control).
  • Picture resizing function.
  • Jog and shuttle function function / repeat section function.
  • A variety of input and output color and flip function.
  • Operating difficulty level: Easy.
  • Executable using only one file.
  • Language: Supports 27 different languages.

Download Link: KMPlayer Windows, Mac & Android APK

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