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KMSAuto Lite Download 2021: Use Free Microsoft Office Online & Official Windows 10 Instead Of Activators

KMSAuto Lite Download 2021: Use Free Microsoft Office Online & Oficial Windows 10 Instead Of Activators

KMSAuto Lite Download: one of the solutions used to activate Windows 10 and Office 2021. However, is KMS Auto Lite worth and safe? In this post, we share all the information you need including download links for Windows 10 ISO and free Microsoft Office Online.

In short: KMSAuto lite Activation the tool that considers as a one-click KMS offline activator for Windows and Office. However, it’s not safe to use such a tool since you may expose yourself to hack at any time. Alternatively, you can use the free Microsoft Office online and download the official Windows 10 without activating it and use them free for life. Plus, there are so many free and safe open-source alternatives you can also try without the need for crack tools.

Note: articles are based on extensive research and practical testing if possible. For more information, see here: Alerts & Notes.

What is KMS Autolite?

KMSAuto Lite is a freeware offline activation tool developed by Ratiborus and Evgeny972 from Russia. KMS Auto-lite can activate with one-click the latest edition of Microsoft Windows and Office.

It’s like a Windows 10 loader that switches provides access to the installation GVLK keys and configures the task scheduler. Which in turn, activates Windows copy in few seconds also can activate Microsoft office.

Why People Still Using Tools Such as KMS Auto lite?

For many years past there were a few different ways to get Windows 10 or Microsoft Office to fully experience it before you pay the money and buy it.

An example of those methods was to either search for keys online or download an application or tool that allows free activation such as KMSAuto lite.

Also, searching for a free key for Microsoft Office and Windows 10 requires a lot of effort because most sites that claim to provide you with the right keys are fake. Not only that, as most of the efforts fail, and you find nothing.

Because of all of this, some might use a crack tool such as KMS Auto-lite since it’s one of the popular tools to activate Windows 10 and Microsoft office. However, it may lead to serious consequences.

Is KMSAuto Lite Worth?

No, because anyone can easily download free Windows 10 officially and use it without activating it. Also the free standard edition of Microsoft Office Online through the browser.

However, if you see that this is not enough for a free application, there are so many free open-source software that serves the same purpose as what Microsoft can offer.

Is KMSAuto Lite Safe?

NO, KMSAuto Lite is not a safe activation solution for Office and Windows. It’s an unofficial tool and not trusted and can harm the safety of its users. In addition and in many cases, it may lead to hack users’ data and work.

Be aware, there is no safe crack or activation tool for Microsoft Office and Windows 10 at all. These programs are found to disable security and penetrate Microsoft programs.

Based on experiments, tests. KMSAuto Lite Tool is dangerous, which recognized as a threat by many antiviruses. Even more, it contains many types of malware and trojans as well as it acknowledged as a hack tool. See the image below is one of the many tests we conducted.

kms auto lite test result from virustotal by

We are not recommended using or downloading any activation tool or unofficial tools including KMS Auto Lite from anywhere.

We provide you all the knowledge, information, and resources and you have to decide and take responsibility by yourself.

Download Link: Get Free Microsoft Office Online & Official Windows 10

You are not forced to use tools such as KMSAuto Lite to do your work. Since you can actually use Microsoft office online & official Windows 10 for free in their standard form instead of using activator tools that may expose your data and business to risk.

So keep your peace of mind from the consequences of using and downloading pirated software or crack and use only the official software since it’s free.

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