Windows 7 Download: Can Users Still Use It?

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Windows 7 was the best operating system at its time. Not only, but there are some who believe that it is the best operating system ever produced by Microsoft. In this short article, we provide information everyone should know before deciding to use or download windows 7 versions.

In short: We have to admit that Windows 7 is one of the best things that have happened in the past, as many miss some of its advantages that even Windows 10 lacks. But despite all this, Windows 7 end of life, as its support ended, which leads to many risks. In turn, users must stop using it and upgraded to the next version, which is Windows 10. Moreover, if some users still dislike the new Microsoft operating systems, then there are many free Windows 10 alternatives like Linux OS distributions that they can switch to any time.

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Why Windows 7 Is The Best Operating System?

Windows 7 OS definitely is one of the incredible desktop operating systems that Microsoft produced it right. Since there are many reasons that made this OS was so well-liked at its time and will remain so in the future.

Windows 7 conceder as the fastest-selling operating system ever, as after six months only after its release had surpassed so many huge brands in terms of sales.

In addition, after only 10 months this OS had passed Windows Vista. Not only, but after only two years, Windows 7 had surpassed XP in the global PC market share.

Whereas Windows 7 took two years to become the prime operating system by Microsoft and take over that title from Windows XP, Windows 10 took more than two years to be prime operating systems.

Windows 7 iso released many versions such as Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

Although all the new features in Windows 10, Windows 7 still does better in terms of application compatibility. As it can run better on older hardware, which Windows 10 may be struggling with. Also, Windows 7 keeps on to standard start menu and apps from like previous releases such as Windows XP with features that are familiar, simple, and easy to use.

How To Activate Windows 7?

Users should not be fooled by the amount and types of windows 7 iso downloads that are available for free on the Internet, as they are unofficial, and rather contain false windows 7 product key or any activation methods, which may lead to damaging users device or erasing or stealing their data.

On the other hand, if it happened and Windows 7 activated. It might contain some host or server links that contact unknown sites, which replace Microsoft links, where you can imagine what would happen if an Internet connection was made to these unknown sites.

Are Windows 7 Updates Still Available?

No, Windows 7 cannot be updated, because when Microsoft stopped the support, it means that Windows 7 has stopped getting updates. The only possible update it can get is that windows 7 can be upgraded to windows 10.

Windows 7 End of Life:

It is dangerous to use Windows 7 now, as Microsoft ended its support in January 2020. As users should know that if Microsoft support ends, it is mean a Windows 7 end of life.

In addition, Windows 7 users might become more exposed to security risks such as system hack or data steal if they keep using it, as this system stopped receiving any security updates from Microsoft long ago.

Can Windows 7 Still Be Used?

Yes, anyone can still use Windows 7. However, users need to stop using it immediately and they must upgrade windows 7 to windows 10. In fact, there are some users who still hold onto Windows 7, and resist an upgrade to Windows 10. However, it’s not worth any more since It holds much of serious security risk, no matter how users are enamored are with this old OS.

Although, Windows 10 has changed for the better since its release. However, there still many users who really unhappy with Windows 10 privacy and update problems. The solution for these users is to look at other options to replace Microsoft operating systems like free Windows 10 alternatives such as Linux OS distributions.

Free Windows 7 Alternatives:

You should know that in this era, official programs (free and paid) and open source software is the only safest solution. Anything else may cost you more than the money you think you're saving.
Therefore,check our list below for the best alternatives, which is safe and truly free of charge:
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