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WinZip Pro 22.5 Keygen Activated the Zip utility for Mac and Windows for Compress files, share files, encrypt files, and backup data. free download zip/RAR the easy-to-use compression tool comprehensive, innovative feature set helps you save time, save space, and improve productivity.

Moreover, you can compress files instantly to keep storage space, send emails faster, and reduce download times/download files. Zip documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and presentations, name it! You can quickly compress and decompress files to save storage space, speed up email transfer, and reduce download times.

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In addition, WinZip provides powerful AES encryption to secure sensitive data, the ability to assemble files inconvenient and compressed packages, and an automated data backup facility to prevent data loss.
WinZip even supports image and image compression.

You can now compress digital images and graphic images by 20 to 25% without losing image quality or data integrity. This allows you to send images faster and more appropriately on your portable drive, CD / DVD, or hard disk.

WinZip Pro 22.5 for Mac OS X and Windows features:

Files Comperes:

  • Compress files and save space and reduce transmission times.
  • Create Zip, LHA, and Zipx files – the smallest Zip files at all.
  • Let WinZip select the “best” compression method based on the file type to increase efficiency.
  • Compress JPEG image files by 20 to 25% without losing image quality or data integrity.
  • Open, extract from Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, LHA BZ2, CAB, IMG, ISO, and other archive files.
  • Experience better performance on almost all files with LZMA compression.
  • View the international characters in the file names through support Unicode.
  • Create and read Zip files that are larger than 4 GB.


  • Securing sensitive data using FIPS-197 (128 and 256 bit) AES encryption.
  • Encrypt and decrypt confidential files and e-mail attachments.
  • Automatic scanning (“shred”) temporarily extracted copies of encrypted files.
  • Set a password policy to control complexity requirements.
  • Set or disable available encryption methods.
  • Take advantage of hardware support on some Intel-based computers for faster AES encryption.

Package and Share:

  • Compile files in compressed packages, create logical and convenient combinations of related files.
  • Organize and secure email attachments, which are sent faster thanks to small file sizes.
  • See the content of compressed file attachments in Outlook 2013 by using the Zip File Check tool.
  • Double-click a file in the Zip File Preview for Outlook 2007 to open it for viewing.
  • View images in Zip files without extracting, using the internal image viewer in WinZip.
  • Resize images when using Zip and E-Mail.
  • Create Zip files and send them quickly with one-click “Zip & E-Mail”.
  • You can resize images from a compressed file when you send by e-mail or to a new Zip file.
  • Use Send To to send Zip files as e-mail attachments for new and existing zip files.
  • Use Save As and Rename commands and a new folder to manage compressed files easily.
  • Create a self-extracting archive with Personal Self-Extractor Edition.
  • Zip files are split to make large zip files fit on removable media.
  • Use the Camera Wizard to move, rotate, and compress images quickly from supported cameras.

Backup / Automation:

  • Prevent data loss with automatic data backup facility.
  • Copy backup copies to a CD or DVD and automatically split them across multiple discs, if necessary.
  • Upload backup copies to an off-site server using the internal FTP client in WinZip.
  • Create custom tasks to automate routine zip jobs.
  • Schedule tasks to run automatically and unattended.
  • Take advantage of predefined WinZip functions.
  • E-mail, download FTP or copy Zip files to disk by using the Task Wizard, Record email files on the WinZip update function.
  • Use the command-line interface in WinZip for scripts.


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