Microsoft Windows Alternatives: 14 Best Free Linux Operating System To Download

Windows Alternatives: 14 Best Free Linux Operating System To Download

Microsoft Windows Alternatives: The best operating system for many years has been Windows 10, but not anymore. In this short article, we list the best free operating system that anyone can install and download right now.

In short: most free open-source operating systems are outperforming Windows 10 in many ways. In fact, most Linux distros are considered as best free alternatives for windows. However, Linux still lacks most software and games support, which is why we forced to use Windows

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Why Linux Is The Best Operating System?

Linux allows the user to control everything in the operating system. In fact, Linux is a free open-source operating system, which in turn allows the user to modify its source and convert it into anything according to what the user wants to accomplish.

Additionally, Linux is the most secure operating system as its sources are open and highly configurable. In many ways, Linux distributions are considered as the best free operating system to replace Windows 10.

14 Operating System Can Replace Microsoft Windows 10

Here are several alternatives for users who are looking for a replacement for Microsoft Windows 10 or searching for the best free operating system to download. Moreover, this is not the final list as there is a lot more we did not mention, but we will add more Windows alternatives in the future.

NOFree Open-Source OSBest Linux Distro forCheck Our ReviewDownload Link
1Linux MintBeginners / Looks like WindowsSOONLINK
2Elementary OSBeginners / Looks like Mac OSSOONLINK
3UbuntuSmall BusinessesSOONLINK
4Ubuntu MATEOld Laptop / Old PC / Very LiteSOONLINK
6Pop!_OSGaming / ProgrammingReviewLINK
7CentOSSmall BusinessesSOONLINK
9MX LinuxPopular Linux DistroSOONLINK
11Linux LiteBeginners / Old Laptop / Old PC / Very LiteSOONLINK
12ClearOSSmall BusinessesSOONLINK
13Tiny Core LinuxOld Laptop / Old PC / Very LiteSOONLINK
14antiX LinuxOld Laptop / Old PC / Very LiteSOONLINK

Conclusion: Windows Alternatives

Windows 10 is a very popular operating system since it’s free to use forever but customization is limited. However, many users may see the full edition as a very costly OS. Plus, updates may become annoying and contain things that the user may not accept.

Additionally, users may try to get Windows 10 for free using a cracking method, but now this not worth it anymore and is dangerous. So if someone didn’t get a free copy of Windows 10 and you don’t like using it with limited customization. This is no more a problem as there are many great free operating systems to replace windows that everyone can try.

Finally, the only thing preventing the Linux distros from being perfect is that they lack support. This is the one thing that forces everyone to use Windows. But the situation may turn out in the future and we may see an intensifying competition. In turn, the good competition will force Microsoft to improve Windows and remove all the garbage stuff they put into it.

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