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NetLimiter 4 Pro Enterprise

NetLimiter 4 Pro Enterprise - Software ON

NetLimiter 4.0.42 Pro Enterprise with Activation that control/Set Download Speed, upload speed limits or anything connect to windows. NetLimiter can managing how much internet data transfers, NetLimiter useful tool for both home users and businesses that also lets you track of connect transfer rates and decide connect speed limits for softwares, applications, online traffic and overall PC windows to helps you monitor speed traffic for everything.

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NetLimiter 4.0.42 Pro Enterprise Feature: 

  • Internet traffic Data Control: Monitor real-time traffic for applications and communications.
  • Call Blocker: Block selected applications from connecting to the Internet.
  • Priorities: Allows you to prioritize the specific app traffic to others.
  • More: Block or limit the app if a specific data transfer quota is reached.
  • Statistics: Long-term data transfer statistics.
  • Limits: Set the maximum transfer speed for any application running on your computer.
  • Filter Editor: Create custom filters to filter traffic by direction, protocol, IP addresses, application, etc.
  • Scheduler: Specify the times when a certain rule (limit, priority) will be enabled or disabled automatically.
  • Remote administration: Remote control of other devices using NetLimiter.
  • User Permissions: Select any user who can control or monitor Internet traffic only
  • Traffic Planner: Displays data download / upload speeds for the specified application or connection.
  • Info Tool: Displays different information about the selected connection, application, or filter.
  • Rule Editor: Advanced tool to customize NetLimiter behavior.
  • Connection History: Displays aggregated traffic statistics by IP address and application.

How to activate NetLimiter 4?

  • Copy Activation Script to install direction And open it. (install_Activation_RUN_AS_ADMIN).
  • Then copy NetLimiter.dll file to NetLimiter install direction.

Activation can be : Promo code,  license key, Product key, Reset Trial, Serial number, Registration key, Activator, Patch.

NetLimiter.Enterprise.v4.0.42.0 with



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