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IBM SPSS Statistics 26 the last version of statistical software in for data analysis on PC Windows and Mac OS X.

IBM SPSS Statistics a comprehensive and flexible statistical analysis and data management software that used by all scientific fields like economics, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, administration, social sciences, government, and many other fields.

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What is SPSS Statistics Software?

SPSS is a statistical predictive analytics software that is known as IBM SPSS Statistics (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) is an integrated package of software that used to analyze data statistically.

SPSS originally used in the field of social sciences, but now became one of the most popular and important statistical software for data analysis in the world. Also has a largely statistical analysis features on PC Windows and Mac OS X,

IBM SPSS data analysis and Statistical Software provides individuals, businesses, governments, and many other institutions with many features that used to solve research and business problems with various types of analysis including custom analysis, hypothesis testing, predictive analysis, etc, it has an easy to use interface that anyone can use with or without proper knowledge.

SPSS Statistics Software includes a wide range of integrated statistical capabilities and related products to perform specialized analytical tasks throughout the organization, it will dramatically improve productivity and help deliver superior results for specific projects and business objectives, also can benefit Each organization, group, and an individual from predictive analytical capabilities to deliver maximum value to the user.

SPSS is specifically designed to be a great and comprehensive tool for your professional needs, People often help audit their financial companies, look for new sales opportunities, and conduct market research, You do not have to worry about the specifications of your computer, it’s basically compatible with any type of computer and Windows like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS X, so if you are a student or beginner researcher then this is for you.

If you have already downloaded IBM SPSS data analysis and Statistical software or someone who interested in scientific and statistical research, you should understand the purpose of this application well, It contains many tools and features like data analysts, planners, forecasters, survey researchers, evaluators, programmers and marketers of databases to easily accomplish tasks at each stage of the analytical process and help you to perform any complex statistical calculations.

SPSS data analysis and Statistical tool continue to deepen its advanced analytical capabilities while supporting many new statistical analyses as well as improved algorithms.

What’s new in SPSS Statistics:

  • SPSS Statistics Quantile Regression.
  • Statistics Compare Two ROC Curves.
  • Enhanced Bayesian Statistics One-Way Repeated Measures ANOVA.
  • Enhanced Bayesian Statistics One-Sample Binomial.
  • Enhanced Bayesian Statistics One-Sample Poisson.
  • Reliability Analysis Utilize Fleiss Multiple Rater Kappa enhancements that Improved Survey Analysis.
  • Commands MIXED scripting enhancements Statistics Module.
  • Commands GENLINMIXED scripting enhancements Statistics Module
  • Commands MATRIX scripting enhancements Statistics.
  • Perform new Bayesian statistical functions including regression, ANOVA, and t-tests, logistic regression.
  • Quickly create attractive and modern charts and edit them in Microsoft Office.
  • Expand your advanced statistical analysis with updates for MIXED, GENLINMIXED, GLM, and UNIANOVA.
  • Write, edit, and format the structure faster using the Syntax Editor shortcuts.

IBM SPSS Statistics Download Links:

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