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KMSOffline Activation Windows & Office 2019

KMSOffline, KMSOffline Activation Windows & Office 2019, Software ON

KMSOffline V2.1.2 Activator the Freeware Activation Tool for Windows and Office editions/versions of software products. Download for free from the link we share below the Activation Tool that activates office and Windows in a very simple way with one click. Download for free at the end of the post.

KMSOffline is stable and effectively activates almost all products of Windows desktop, Server, and Office also supports installing GVLK keys for all Windows products, it has minimal settings so it’s easy for anyone to use and activate Windows, Server or Office products easily, and can also get a licensed product with a normal key.

The KMSOffline Activation performed either from the embedded KMS-Service or from a server on the Internet/LAN. Which means that you should try this small Freeware Activation application that enables you to experience and test all Windows and Office editions/versions software products before buying any of them to be 100% sure if that product is for you or not.

We share the direct download link of KMSOffline Windows Office Activator Full version that includes all files to run perfectly on your operation system and activate the product you desire to test in full version, this KMS Offline contains all the latest version files, it’s a full version of KMS Offline Free Download for Windows, So if Activated Version Windows and Office editions/versions software products using KMSOffline satisfies you, we recommend that you purchase these products from the original developer.

What is KMSOffline? (Definition / Meaning).

KMSOffline is an Activation KMS based universal offline activator developed by Ratiborus from Russia. It has three activation methods: KMS activation, HWID activation, and KMS38 activation.

KMSOffline V2.1.2 Windows and Office Activator is a portable version:

As a portable application (KMSOffline Portable App) This makes it easy to transfer KMSOffline anywhere and does not require any installation, this Portable KMS Offline application can be stored on a USB device or any other data storage devices, and when downloading KMS Offline as a RAR or ZIP file, the extracted ZIP application (portable folder) save configuration settings and usually stored in the same extracted folder.

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KMSOffline Features:

  • Add new tools and settings.
  • Add KMS, HWID, KMS38 activation tools.
  • New name
  •  Some improvements

KMSOffline Supports and Can Activate:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, Office 2010/2013/2016/2019.

How to use KMSOffline?

  • Run the program.
  • Activate Windows or Office.
  • Done.

Advanced Startup Parameters (keys):-
/ win = Run in hidden mode, Activate Windows and close the program.
/ ofs = Run in hidden mode, Activate Office and close the program.
/ nosound – Run in stealth mode, Activate without sound.

NOTE: Eequire .NET Framework 4.5.

File link info:

  • File Type: Freeware Tool for testing products in full version before buying.
  • Publish Date: Jul 1, 2019.
  • Last Update Date: Jul 1, 2019.

links Include:


Note: Activation can be Promo code,  license key, Product key, Reset Trial, Serial number, Registration key, Activator, Patch.

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