Office 2013-2019 C2R Install Download: Is it Safe Activation Tools?

Office 2013-2019 C2R Install Download: Is it Safe Activation Tools?

Office 2013-2019 C2R Install Download: is known as a click to run activation and download tool for Microsoft office from 2010 to 2019 on Windows 10 OS.

In short: Office 2013-2019 C2R Install Tool the KMS tool to download and activate Microsoft office 2013-2019 for free. However, this tool is dangerous and does not worth the effort or risk. Whare there are many reasons behind this, which are covered in this article. Alternatively, the free Microsoft Office 2020 Online is enough for your work and study.

Note: articles are based on extensive research and practical testing if possible. For more information, see here: Alerts & Notes.

What Is Office 2013-2019 C2R Install?

Office 2013-2019 C2R Install (Click To Run) conceder an easy Office Install and activator tool that can download Microsoft Office 2019 and activate all Office programs permanently start from 2010, 2013, to 2016 on your windows computer OS.

This activation and the download tool can be used on Office 2013-2019 versions to activate them. Besides and based on research, C2R Install (Click To Run) designed for the online installation and activation of Microsoft Office starting from 2010, 2013, 2016, to 2019.

In addition, this tool can also create a custom installation of Microsoft Office offline to use later, which supports the latest version products of Office 2019.

Why Some Are Using Office C2R Install?

This Microsoft activation tool may help you to manage licenses, install office, and activate each one of them in general, which supports all versions.

Plus, Office 2013-2019 C2R activation install tools might help some people to improve the work of their Office suites if they are copied or pirated from the original version. However, using pirated software is a bad idea and you also might lose all your hard work in a second.

Is Office 2013-2019 C2R Install Worth?

In general, any piracy program is never worth it. But in the past, Office C2R Install Tool might have been helpful to some people, but now there is a new direction from everyone to release a standard edition of their paid software for free.

As in fact, Microsoft released a free edition of their product called Microsoft Office 2020 Online, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more for free that anyone who has a Microsoft account can access without any limitation (check at the end of this article).

Office C2R Install Is Not Safe Because It Is A Virus:

Based on some experiments, tests, and researches that we have done. It turns out that Office 2013-2019 C2R Install Tool is a dangerous tool that recognized as a threat by many antiviruses and contains many types of malware and trojans as well as it acknowledged as a hack tool.

See below is one of many tests we conducted, which from our point of view alone is enough to make you stay away from using this tool.

Office C2R Install Is Not Safe Because It Is A Virus:

This shows that Office CR2 Install Tool is dangerous as it cannot be also be used without stopping the antivirus program from working. This may lead to mysterious behaviors in the operating systems that may occur without your knowledge.

However, some might not listen to all these warnings and alerts and still see Office 2013-2019 C2R Install as the best tool to activate Office 2019.

So be aware we are not recommending using or downloading the Office CR2 Install Tool or any other unofficial tools.

We provide you all the knowledge, information, and resources and you have to decide and take responsibility by yourself.

How To Use Office 2013-2019 C2R Install?

  • Uninstall the program,  “Add or Remove Programs”.
  • Uninstall it, “Force Remove Office” and restart your computer.
  • Install it, click the “Install Office” button.
  • Go to the “Utilities” tab and do the conversion “Office RETAIL = VL”.
  • Click the button “Activate Office”.
  • Start KMSAuto Net and click “Activate Office”.

Why Are You Still Looking for Office 2013-2019 C2R Install Tool In 2020 & 2021?

First of all, why are you still looking for Office 2013-2019 C2R install tool in the comments below.

Where we see no compelling reason for anyone to continue using such a dangerous program since Microsoft provides the online office for free.

Office 2013-2019 C2R Install Activation Tool Changes History:

Note: We will not update this list, as we do not support the use of piracy software and tools.

V6.X.X Changes:

  • v6.7.0: New edition deployment tool.
  • v6.5.9: New 2019 edition deployment tool.
  • v6.5.7: Added control of the length of the path to the working folder of the program.
  • v6.5.4: New 2019 edition deployment tooll.
  • v6.5.3: Fixed minor bugs.
  • v6.5.0: Fixed: Installing Proofing Tools.
  • v6.4.9: Fixed minor bugs.
  • v6.4.8: Fixed minor bugs.
  • v6.4.7: New 2019 edition deployment tool, The 2019 installation is running on Windows 7.
  • v6.4.6: KMS Server Service v2.0.7
  • v6.4.5: Fixed minor bugs.
  • v6.4.4: New 2019 edition deployment tool.
  • v6.4.2: Fixed: Downloading files.
  • v6.4.1: New WinDivert, Fixed minor bugs, Fixed converting to Volume.
  • v6.3.0: Fixed minor bugs, Fixed converting to Volume, Added GVLK keys.
  • v6.2.0: Fixed minor bugs, Fixed converting to Volume, New window design.
  • v6.0.8: Fixed minor bugs, Fixed converting to Volume.
  • v6.0.4.2: New 2019 edition deployment tool.
  • v6.0.4: Fixed minor bugs.
  • v6.0.2: Added new Branches.
  • v6.0.1: Fixed minor bugs.
  • v6.0.0: Added GVLK Keys.

V5.X.X Changes:

  • v5.9.9: Replaced the GVLK key for 2016 edition Pro Plus.
  • v5.9.8: Fixed minor bugs.
  • v5.9.7: Fixed minor bugs.
  • v5.9.6: Fixed: Install 2013 edition.
  • v5.9.5: New 2016 edition deployment tool.
  • v5.9.4: Integrated another version of Wget.
  • v5.9.3: New 2016 edition deployment tool.
  • v5.9.2: New 2016 edition deployment tool, KMS Server Service v2.0.3
  • v5.9.1: New 2016 edition deployment tool.
  • v5.9.0: New KMS-Service.
  • v5.8.0: Reworked function of the forced removal.
  • v5.7.0: Integrated another version of Wget.
  • v5.6.0: New Wget.
  • v5.5.0: New Script to remove Click To Run (C2R) products.
  • v5.4.0: New 2016 edition deployment tool.
  • v5.3.0: Changes in the program for compatibility with antivirus software.
  • v5.2.0: New 2016 edition deployment tool.
  • v5.1.0: New 2013 edition deployment tool.
  • v5.0.0: New 2016 edition deployment tool.

V4.X.X Changes:

  • v4.9.0: Small changes to the interface.
  • v4.8.0: For 2013 and 2016 editions used different lists of available languages, Fixed bug for creating a task to reactivate in the Task Scheduler.
  • v4.7.0: “Force Remove Office C2R/MSI” button removes all traces of 2013/2016 editions C2R and MSI.
  • v4.6.1: Fixed: Uninstall 2013/2016 editions.
  • v4.6.0: Added “Search for a new version, Added button “Create ISO”, Downloading of distribution can be interrupted.
  • v4.5.0: Added support for 2013 C2R edition, Added “Download Office”, Added language kk-KZ.
  • v4.4.0: Fixed: the work program from ReadOnly disc.
  • v4.3.0: Immediately after installation the button “Office RETAIL => VL” operates in the forced mode, conversion without starting the application.
  • v4.2.0: Added the ability to create a task scheduler for the reactivation.
  • v4.1.0: Added conversion RETAIL => VL and activation of 2010/2013/2016.
  • v4.0.0: Added language, Integrated newer version, add New 2016 edition deployment tool and installation.

V3.X.X Changes:

  • v3.9.0: renamed The tool in “Office 2016 Install”, Added languages ​, Running with command line parameters.
  • v3.8.0: The program is a single file that can be placed in the root of the original ISO or DVD.
  • v3.7.0: Added languages ​​lv-LV, ko-KR, ar-SA, fi-FI, pt-PT, pl-PL, cs-CZ, da-DK, Changes in the program interface< The program works with ReadOnly disc.
  • v3.6.0: Added languages ​​SL-SI, JA-JP, Changes in the program interface.

Download Link: You Can Use Free Microsoft Office Online Instead:

Correspondingly, the free Microsoft Office 2020 Online is a safe solution for those who cant offer the price and want to use Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more for free.

Therefore, it’s the best way to keep your peace of mind from the consequences of using pirated software and stay away from dangerous programs like Office 2013-2019 C2R Install that may ruin your life and hard work.

Check here: Get Free Microsoft Office 2020 Online: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, And More

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